Friday, April 6, 2018

Spring Cleaning Indian Systems

Certain things should not change, like the basic structure of our constitution. Other things should be reviewed periodically and changed if necessary as permitted by the constitution. For instance, how many levels of courts are there in India? I am not sure about the answer and I suspect this is a question the bulk of our citizens cannot answer either. Flattening the structure by reducing the number of levels and strengthening the lowest level are well-known management ideas. I believe that it is worth discussing if we can reduce the long time needed to settle cases in India by such flattening of the structure. Flattening levels can be done without reducing the number of court buildings or the number of judicial officers involved. It is only necessary to upgrade some of the lower courts.  
Giving the government power to regulate institutions is necessary. It is unlikely to promote corruption because it deals with policy and principles applicable to all. On the other hand, when the government runs a bank, any loan application can seek political or bureaucratic support. So, does modern India need a number of businesses run under political and bureaucratic direction?
There are many other issues that can be listed that are worth review. It is the job of the legislature to review existing practices. We don’t need to keep on doing something just because we have been doing it for seventy years!
Srinivasan Ramani  

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