Sunday, August 9, 2015

Screen brightness problem with Microsoft Windows 10 and Intel HD Graphics Driver

I have a problem with Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade on a VAIO 64 bit Laptop. Everything went smoothly except that the screen brightness was uncomfortably low after the upgrade. The Fn F6 brightness control on the keyboard shows the display set to the maximum, but despite that, the brightness is low. We tried the default driver, which gave good brightness but limited the resolution to 1024 X something. At this resolution, parts of the screen are not visible to me and it is impossible to work with. Then we checked for updates to the default driver and it found an update for the Intel HD graphics driver and installed it. Now we are back in the same state as before, with a dim display, but full resolution.

Comments and suggestion would be highly appreciated. 


Anil said...

Try this, Dr Ramani:

Srinivasan Ramani said...


I appreciate your suggestion. Unfortunately, we had tried these suggestions also and failed to solve the problem properly. The difficulty seems to be that a Sony driver available on the Web
Graphics Driver (Intel) Update version cannot be installed. An older driver dated 2012 has a later version number (2900). So, I am caught up in a helpless situation.

However, a friend installed the Microsoft default driver. This has restored the screen brightness but has fixed the resolution at 1024 x 768.