Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Preventing deaths during the heat wave

Over 1000 Indians seem to have died as a result of the current heat wave

Medical advice includes wearing a hat:

My recent reaction was to suggest through these blogs that political parties could distribute inexpensive caps possibly imprinted with their party logos. Of course, cotton caps with visors may be superior, because they shade the face as well. Individuals can also help, carrying two or three caps extra when they go out, to donate them to people who get sun exposure during their work. People who get such sun exposure develop premature cataract as the practice of dark glasses is not common among them.  Caps with visors can reduce that risk as well.

It is tragic to see school children walking to school and back wearing ties; even girls are made to wear uniforms with ties by some schools. This is ridiculous in hot areas. Instead the school uniform should include caps in such areas.

Another cruelty is making doormen and waiters in hotels and restaurants wear heavy tunics in hot weather.  Ties for waiters in crowded restaurants having no air conditioning or poor air conditioning is yet another stupid practice.

Let me attempt a little plagiarism, making a variation in Tagore’s prayer:

Into ever-increasing common sense
Into that heaven of Freedom from ignorance, my Father, let my country awake! 

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