Thursday, March 12, 2015

Appeal to architects – Design buildings to be smart phone friendly

I was visiting a relative in a hospital today. My tablet could not pick up 3G signals in the waiting room and in the patient’s room. Why? They have metal grills covering the glass windows even on the fifth floor! The grills are large and cover a lot of the external wall area. They will surely keep burglars from breaking and entering! But, I don’t think burglars want to steal intravenous feeding stands by coming in through the 5th floor window! Not in a hospital which is bustling with hundreds of people all the time.
I believe that professors of architecture should emphasize the importance of cell phones and smart phones in peoples’ lives today. These devices have to be used in the busiest of places – hospitals, airports, railway stations, and company as well as government buildings open to the public. Students of architecture should learn about the permeability of building materials to electromagnetic waves. They must know how Wi-Fi systems work and learn to design buildings which will allow Wi-Fi and cell phone networks to most of the built-up area.

Know-how about electromagnetic signal propagation will also help architects to prohibit cell phone usage where necessary, in a natural way. Places of worship, courts, and some government offices are best served by walls with embedded wire mesh! Such walls will automatically disable cell phone usage!

A friend who reviewed this note said “Perhaps the grill is to prevent people from jumping out of the windows”. I think that can be prevented by hospital sending the patients' bills through burly security guards and having them keep watch till the bills are paid!

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