Sunday, December 13, 2015

Reducing Global Warming: India should take a noticeable step

The Paris accord is here, for what it is worth. However, it is when leading nations of the world take noticeable steps forward that something significant will take place. We live in a world re-enacting the tragedy of the commons repeatedly. Everyone takes from the world what he wants; together we all make the world a poorer place every year.
Countries aspiring to be in the front rank of nations have to show leadership by intelligent and timely action. We have seen the power of a thought – Swachh Bharat. Cleaning up India is not a one-day or even a one-decade job, but we have taken a step forward by declaring our intention and doing what is readily possible.
It appears logical that India should now discuss a few measures it can take to reduce global warming, weighing their costs and benefits; then the country should take some of these steps, making a visible change. Let me offer a few suggestions:
Painting roofs white is worth considering. This can be made mandatory for buildings with air-conditioned areas in excess of 200 Sq. Meters. Tax exemptions should be given for affordable paints demonstrated to increase reflection of heat and to give a degree of protection against rainwater. People living in houses with tiled roofs should be encouraged to paint their roofs with such paints. White roofs increase the loss of heat by radiation to space on clear days. More significantly, they reduce heating of the building by Sunlight. Tthis could lower costs in buildings spending money on air-conditioning.  
National Awards should be given to architects and owners of new buildings minimizing energy requirements, and otherwise slowing down global warming.
Supporting switch to electrical vehicles and hybrid vehicles Greater incentives should be given to R & D in battery technology relevant to transportation and to R & D in solar/wind energy.

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