Thursday, May 7, 2015

Internet and education in the developing world - hype and reality

I had written an article in 2012 on the reality of Internet access over the cellular network in India. Hundreds of readers who have read it might be interested in some updates.  My recent publication on the Internet and education in India offers more recent data and deals with a number of questions.  

In particular, is it true that the mobile Internet is likely to cause a revolution in India in rural education? Do we really have net neutrality? Is Internet access fairly priced, or does it discriminate against novice users, poorer users, students and rural users? Will the smartphone act as a window to the whole of human knowledge and, in the hands of the Indian student dramatically transform him/her into a highly educated person?  Or, will the bulk of Indian students find little of value in it? What is the reality about Web content in Indian languages? How much is there and what is its quality? Have low cost tablets made a significant impact on Indian education?

I have attempted to answer many of these questions. You may wish to read my recent paper (May 2015) which is freely accessible over the Web:

The internet and education in the developing world -
hopes and reality
Srinivasan Ramani
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