Monday, July 7, 2014

Customer complaint to a Web Designer

Dear Sir/Madam, 

Thanks for your email, but I have a complaint. 

While I was still online and had the ticket displayed by the site 
I clicked on "print" on the page which showed the ticket I had bought for my sister Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx. The print out came out of the printer and I was amazed that the name was shown as blank.  So, clicked on "print" a second time and got the same result again. I have a suggestion. Please have your web designer look into the possibility that this occurs when one types a name longer than the website expects. It did not accept the typing of the last two letters of her name: Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx. The best solution would be to allow slightly longer names than the website accepts now. 

Srinivasan Ramani  
Comment No 3 on HCI/Web Design  

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