Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Mayan calendar and the Fiscal Cliff

I offer you a guarantee that the Mayans were wrong and that nothing cataclysmic will occur tomorrow (12/21). They got their event timing wrong by ten days. Actually, what they had in mind was the US fiscal cliff! 

I also guarantee they were wrong about the fiscal cliff! I am sure that common sense will prevail and a compromise will be struck. 

Best wishes for a happy new year! 

Srinivasan Ramani 

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JonDanzig said...

I hope too that common sense will prevail, as a lot of people have been unnecessarily and unkindly scared.

The predicted world’s end tomorrow is irrational irresponsible scare-mongering nonsense – but the ‘Millennium Bug’ 12 years ago was a real problem that was fixed in time. It’s important that we can tell the difference between evidence-based threats and fears, and those that have no basis in fact. See my blog: ‘Mayan Catastrophe versus Millennium Bug’:

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